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Online Granite or Quartz Worktop Quotation

We do not offer an online quotation for your granite or quartz worktop as every body’s requirements are different.  In the past we have found with online quotations customers are not sure how to fill them in correctly, possibly because they are not straight forward to understand.  If a customer places the information incorrectly, the quotation can be more expensive than it actually should be and may put the customer off from contacting the company.  On the other hand, it may be a lot cheaper on the online quotation than it actually should be, and could end up being an unpleasant surprise when the customer contacts the company to verify the quote, and find out their granite or quartz worktops are much more expensive.

Below we have an online enquiry form which allows you to forward your Name and contact details and any information regarding the requirements and dimensions for your new or replacement granite or quartz kitchen worktops. We will then contact you via email or by telephone to discuss your enquiry further in order to obtain accurate information before we give you an accurate quote. 
We can assure you there is no need to feel nervous to obtaining a “no obligation” quote from our friendly and courteous management staff at Marble and Granite Worktops Ltd.  Our aim is to endeavour to match or beat any genuine quote, like for like, and to still maintain the high level of service you expect from this industry. Our quotes are valid for thirty days.
Please be aware that in this day and age quality workmanship and products can never be compromised by cheapness, but can be compromised with value. Our philosophy is “do the job once, do it right the first time, so that we never have to go back”.