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Quartz Samples

What is quartz stone?

Quartz stone can be used for making kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, shelves, steps and bar tops, also known as just: quartz or engineered or composite stone.  This is a man made product made up of approximately 93% natural quartz, one of the hardest natural minerals which is crushed into small particles and combined with high performance polymer resin, and colouring agents is compressed under immense heat and pressure with the use of Breton Technology.  Quartz has a uniform colour and pattern, with less of the unique characteristics of natural granite, and offers a modern clean contemporary look.  Quartz is also a very strong and durable worktop material that is 0.001% porous and very difficult to scratch or damage under normal domestic use.  This is a very popular material used today because of its desired qualities and applications. 

Please visit the care and maintenance page for quartz, for advice on durability and looking after.  Each quality quartz slab is manufactured individually approximately 3020mm x 1380mm.  Jumbo size slabs are available with several manufactures but colours are limited (Approx 3200mm x 1500mm). The cheap copies are made from blocks and then cut into slabs, which are best to avoid.  The thickness available is 12mm for splash backs, and cladding, 20mm for the use of bathroom vanity tops, upstands, windowsills and hob splash backs and occasionally kitchen and bar worktops.  The maximum thickness is 30mm which is mainly used for kitchen worktops, bar tops, and bathroom vanity tops.

Quartz Samples

We can send you a sample of any of our quartz products for you to have a look at. There is a charge of £3 for a single sample, and £5.00 for 2 or 3 samples in order to cover the postage costs and this is available to mainland UK deliveries only.

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