Marble and Granite Worktops Herts, Beds and Bucks


Quartz or composite stone is man made, the make up consists of approximately 93% crushed quartz and the rest of the 7% is made up of  depending on the look and colour the manufacturers want to achieve:  decorative mirror particles, decorative stones, colour pigments and bonded together using resins under immense heat and pressure. 

Because the stone is formed by this method it is 0.001% porous virtually non porous, therefore quartz or composite stone will not require sealing.  Having said this there are sealers which can be applied to give ultimate protection against staining when worktops are continuously used under extreme conditions where acidic products such as fruit juices and wines are spilt on the surface and left for days before being cleaned. 

In a normal kitchen working environment acidic spillages should be wiped away immediately using a mild solution of fairy liquid and water solution and rinsed with clean warm water and not left to dry on the quartz or composite work surface.


Granite and Marble is a porous stone and what helps the stone when manufactured as a worktop, Vanity top, step, shelf etc…not to be porous and prevent staining is the fact that the surface has been sealed preferably by applying a quality sealer. When Marble and Granite Worktops Ltd produce a worktop or item from marble or granite we apply 2 to 3 coats of sealer and allow between coats to dry. 

Every year depending on how much use i.e. cooking, spillages your granite worktops experience will require resealing.  You will be able to test this by applying a small drop of water, if the water remains on the surface for a long period as a ball like when you have waxed a car it still is protected. If the water starts to disappear then the granite or marble will require sealing. 

If you click the links below for the different granite or marble sealer manufacturers and go through to their websites you will be able to educate your self further.  There should be a number to call which will be a general technical helpline number so you can speak to someone regarding the best cleaner and sealer for you to use. You will need to use a cleaner first to remove any build up or residue over the year and to achieve the desired cleaned surface for you to then seal the granite or marble worktop.

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